International School in Chennai are the way forward

International school in Chennai are in great demand for its world class ambience and expert faculty. The schools have a mentoring system. The faculty attends IB and Cambridge workshops to improve their knowledge on various happenings and current affairs. The schools follows high quality international curriculum supported by a high quality learning environment. Moreover, the lab, staff training, curriculum, everything is of international standard. All this facilitates opening up new opportunities for students to study abroad to expand their career potential. The course goes a step beyond surface learning and focuses on assimilating information and takes up challenges to think conceptually.

The role of international education is to open up opportunities to study abroad and improve their career to the maximum. Students at primary school are encouraged to develop their skills providing the ultimate learning experience. The environment is dynamic and fun with latest technology and resources to excel in all walks of life. The primary focus is on getting the students to make genuine progress. The school offers scholastic learning experience to develop the attitude and skills of the students. Most international schools go beyond rote learning. This type of learning can develop a strong learning foundation to develop a wide range of opportunities.

The international schools are involved in community development by helping the underprivileged. The school with the best teachers, materials and facilities hone talented individuals to achieve greater heights in their life. International schools charge higher fee when compared to national and local schools for the simple reason they are obligated to keep the infrastructure world class. Moreover, they provide top of the rack facilities to students in terms of lab, library, classroom, playground, etc. They also send students abroad for exchange programs, educational tour and the like. The amount spent on your child during their stay at the international school has to be considered an investment to create successful leaders of tomorrow.


International Curriculum School – The Curriculum Of The Future

No longer are artificial intelligence, robotics and automation restricted to science fiction novels and movies. Students at international curriculum school are shifting towards this new age learning as the demand for these technologies are in great demand. The world leaders and industry experts debate the changes brought by automation and technology but the irony is the lack of availability of skills and expertise to work in these fields. All this has left us with a fast need for updating our education system.

The study by the McKinsey Global Institute 51% of jobs is susceptible to automation and this is just through demonstrated technology only. These activities are across industries and wage levels. It is true that automation is going to lead to mass unemployment but it is definitely going to changing the profile of the occupational skills.

How are we going to prepare the future generation to adapt to this new landscape? Students at primary school today will complete their education by mid 2030 and there career will span through 2060. It is impossible to predict their career path. But it is possible to understand that their rate of technological advancements. It may be surprising to note that teachers at most schools teach the same curriculum that was followed a century ago like Math, science, reading, writing, history and languages.

The debate on how to embrace new technologies in education is going on but no one is worried about what we teach. Today there is a greater need for problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and digital skills and these are not attempted at most schools. Modern day schools focus on the use of technology but do not teach them on how to create technology. Topics we are studying today like handwriting, complex arithmetic are increasing obsolete today as these are done by machines and internet has replaced memorizing facts. Therefore, the very foundation of education has to be redefined.

International Baccalaureate School – A Global Environment Inside The Classroom

International education is growing at a faster pace in countries across the globe. Statistics reveal that American and British school abroad have risen by 41.5% in the last five years according to International School Consultancy research conducted in 2016. There are over 4.3 million students attending international schools and the growth rate is 45.9% in five years. In Asia alone the rise is steeper with 55.7% including the Middle East region. Asia region alone has 54% of international schools and 60% students are studying at these schools.

International schools educate not just expatriate children, off late home countries students studying in International schools are on the rise. This goes to prove that more number of parents is willing to go the expensive way to provide quality international education for their kids. The reason for choosing international schools is to give their kids a choice to learn English and follow the western learning style. Moreover, students at International Baccalaureate school have access to global recognized qualification IB Diploma, American SATs, Advanced Placement credit or UK A levels.

When it comes to international schools local governments are tolerant and support these schools to enable students to follow their heart. Students here are bilingual or multilingual, thanks to the curriculum that opens plethora of opportunities. The quality of life of the students improves in the international environment. The children learn to adapt to different cultures, languages and nationalities. They recognize one another making them wholesome individual and do not base their identity on religion, language or culture.

The quality of relationships between individuals is enhanced as they grow in a multicultural environment. The methodologies and the value system delivered makes this type of education highly respected. Youngster overcome hesitation and apprehension and achieve success in this environment making them extroverts without any psychological barriers.

International Curriculum School – Exploring Options

Parents are exploring curriculum options while seeking admission for their words. There is a wide range of curriculum for children to choose particularly for those with mobile families. A few decades back you would term yourself lucky if you find an international school near your place of work especially if you are an English speaking migrant in a non-English speaking country. This is good news as you can take you family along with you when you travel as you child can attend school in the medium of their choice.

Post millennium the options are spectacular with international curriculum school available in almost every part of the world. Statistics has it there are over 4.5 million students across the globe in 9000 international schools. The number is continuously rising every year. According to researchers by 2021 the number of students is likely to rise by 40% which is 6.3 million. Depending upon the location of your residence or workplace you can find an international school fitting the educational goals of your child.

Curriculum is primary
A school is defined by its choice of curriculum. It is the curriculum that sets are school apart from the rest. It attracts both students and staff. Expatriate families are forced to relocate every few years and providing a common curriculum can give the child continuity while changing between schools. Mobile students benefit from international curriculum while moving from one school to another. For relocating families it is important to look into the big picture and choose an international curriculum sensibly.

Some of the popular curriculum choices include National Curriculum of England, a US oriented curriculum and International Baccalaureate. Other popular international curriculum includes International Primary Curriculum and International Middle Years Curriculum. Among these the English national curriculum is the most in demand across the globe followed by US curriculum and IB.

International Curriculum School – Combination Of Curriculums

International school follow different curriculum in different parts of the world and these systems help to serve the expatriate community. There are different types of international curriculum school; American, British, Canadian and more. Some schools follow one system and other chooses a combination of curriculums. Among these the International Baccalaureate program is the most prestigious. There are different types of international schools where teachers are interested in teaching overseas curriculum as they are trained and experienced in this format. Some of the common types of international schools are listed below:

American Schools: It is located in most capital cities across the globe. They were primarily created to service the American citizens living abroad working in embassies, MNCs and other companies overseas. It is estimated that there are 197 overseas school and 138 countries are assisted by the U.S State Department. The financing for international schools are from the tuition fees paid by the students. Apart from this the schools receive gifts and contribution from foundations, businesses, individuals and local governments. The funding for American international schools comes in the form of funding from Office of Overseas Schools.

There are many American schools that are not assisted or endorsed by the US Department of State. These are private and non-profit institutions. The medium of instruction in these schools is English and usually American trained teachers are on the faculty board.

British Schools: It is one of the most reputed and popular curriculums followed across the world. There are over 2,200 British Schools located in different parts of the world and they are the largest among the international schools. Unlike American schools, British schools do not receive support from the British Government. Despite a number of schools following British curriculum there is a lot of variation in quality and structure. The reason being there is no governmental monitoring body. To address this issue, the Council of British International Schools was formed.

International Baccalaureate and Cambridge curriculum paving the way for global citizenship.

International schools come in different shapes and sizes and they incorporate diverse curriculums and purely international formats. International schools follow curriculum different to the national curriculum of the host country. Stress is made on international programs like International Baccalaureate and Cambridge curriculum paving the way for global citizenship.

Over the last decade, international curriculum school have exploded and it is doubling across the globe. As per statistics in 2011 by a UK based organization, ISC Research it is said that 2.8 million students enrolled in the international school across the globe. International K-12 is doing big business with an approximate annual income of $27 billion dollars per year and it has over 270,000 teachers informs the research. The expansion of the markets, expatriate population, growing foreign businesses are the reasons for the rise of international market. The wealthy families are moving towards international students. In Asia and Middle East the primary focus is on English medium education. The same trend continues in China.

The criteria of international schools include:
• Transferability of students
• Moving population higher than national public schools
• Multinational or multilingual students
• International curriculum like IB, PYP, MYP
• International accreditation
• Global teachers
• Students enrollment is non-selective
• The medium of instructions is bi-lingual or English

Who goes to international schools?
The students are children of employees of international business, foreign embassies, international organizations, NGOs, missionary programs or missions. Parents are willing to pay high tuition fee and it is growing in popularity in the host country. Admission are given to foreign citizens residing in the host country as long as they meet the eligibility criteria of the school. Even children from the host country are admitted to the school.

International schools offer an array of cultures and approaches giving the teachers an opportunity to work with foreign boards.

IB School – Get the advantage of community learning

Sending your school to international school can give them an opportunity to mingle with students from diverse culture and gives independence to develop life skills. International school offers International Baccalaureate curriculum promising a multi-cultural appeal. The curriculum is global, challenging and liberal. In general IB school is also called the melting pot of languages and cultures. The advantage of choosing IB curriculum gives them the option to learn in the curriculum of their choice, irrespective of their location. IB pupils can now choose to learn in the same manner across the globe. This uniformity gives them the advantage of continuity in learning.

IB students are articulate from a very young age. With IB curriculum there is no anxiety moving older children as they settle fine in their new environment. The good news about IB curriculum is that it is highly transportable. There is no academic rigor as there is no public exams till the age of 16 years. IB is a highly demanding curriculum that gives complete emphasis on independent thinking, communication and critical thinking. People are taken aback on how articulate the students from a very young age, thanks to the comprehensive development supported by the curriculum.

The school encourages children to develop a holistic outlook by challenging themselves. The students are self regulated from a very young age and when the reach sixth form they will be able to write essays taken up at university level. They will be able to handle exams without being spoon fed. IB students enjoy lowest level of dropouts at universities. The students are given lessons in English with younger pupils given extra coaching. International schools are highly popular in the US with 15% students coming from other nationalities. The teachers are taken from 35 countries. The curriculum also offers language diploma in their last two years and it ranges from French to Hindi.